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Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats

Venison Topper Pet Treats

Venison Topper Pet Treats

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Enhance your Pet's Meal with Our Venison Topper Made from our Own Venison Rolls, our Toppers are Ideal for Boosting Meals for Both Feline and Canine Companions. Venison Meat is a Superb Source of Lean Protein, Essential for Maintaining Your Pet's Muscle Mass. It's the Perfect Choice for Pets with Allergies or Sensitive Stomachs. This Topper is Low in Fat but Packed with Essential Nutrients such as Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B12, Making it Irresistibly Delicious and Nutritious. Our Venison Topper is Free from Harmful Additives, Fillers, and Artificial Ingredients, and Comes in a Resealable Bag for Easy Storage and Use. Proudly Manufactured and Packaged in our Alderville First Nation Facility. 

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