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Danielle Belyea recommends Shades of Gray

Nimkii loves her treats from Shades of Gray! The ehydrated rabbit ears and waboose biscuits are her favourites! As an Indigenous family, we love to support Indigenous businesses and highly recommend Shades of Gray - Indigenous Pet Treats for healthy snacks for your pup! The Indigenous treats have been very good for puppy training, plus our kitty loves them too.

Leslie Kelman recommends Shades of Gray

My dogs love these treats and I feel good about giving them treats that are healthy and do not contain any of the questionable ingredients that many other treats on the market contain. I feed my dogs raw and these treats work beautifully with the raw feeding philosophy.

Diana McAlister recommends Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray has a wide variety of products and my 3 year old loves the rabbit and beaver rolls, so does our newest puppy. Our oldest Peanut loves the rabbit feet. I will definitely being more later this month. Full packs this time.Plus the meal toppers.

Lisa St Laurent Falzon Recommends Shades of Gray

I love that this is an Ontario owned business and that they are committed to giving our pets healthy options. my boy loved the rabbit ears&rolls, and we are working our way through the sample pack. These additive free treats are something I can feel comfortable giving my dog.

Leslie Kelman recommends Mega Savings Dog Bundle

I am going to warn everyone who buys this.. Its like crack for your dogs and cats.. They just can not get enough of this product.. Mine sit and whine for a treat.. Yes I would buy it again..

Lisa St Laurent Falzon Recommends Shades of Gray

My dogs love them!! Simple ingredients and Canadian. My one dog is extremely sensitive and so far he is doing great with the treats we got.

Lindsay Recommends the Mega Savings Cat Bundle

My cat loves the rabbit rolls and cat treats! He doesn't have all of his teeth so I break it up for him. I sprinkle it on his food and he is now demanding it every feed. Great product. Thank you .

Melissa S. D Alesio

Just received my order, I am very pleased. I added the bison topper to my dog s food and he ate it right away. I am happy to be able to support a canadian indigenous company instead of big animal food companies

Heather MK

Absolutely the best treats. My cats LOVE the rabbit strips, cat treat, ear and feet. They only recently discovered that they can eat the feet and ears and not just toss them around the house.



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