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Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats

Mega Dog Bundle

Mega Dog Bundle

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Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Mega Dog Pet Bundle, is a comprehensive assortment of premium treats for your furry companions. Here's what's included:

  • Seasonal Rolls: Two bags of 10-piece seasonal rolls, featuring flavours like Beaver, Bison, Elk, or Venison, providing a variety of taste sensations for your pets to enjoy.

  • Rabbit Rolls: A bag of 10-piece Rabbit Rolls, made from pure rabbit meat, offering a delicious and nutritious snack option for your pets.

  • Indigenous Strips: A bag of 100g Indigenous Strips, packed with natural goodness and essential nutrients to keep your pets healthy and satisfied.

  • Waboose Snack Biscuits with Rabbit Meat: A bag of 12-piece Waboose Snack Biscuits, enriched with savoury rabbit meat, providing a crunchy and flavourful treat experience for your pets.

  • Topper: A bag of Topper, featuring flavours like Elk, Venison, Rabbit, Bison, or Beaver, perfect for enhancing your pet's meals with an extra burst of flavour and nutrition.

Each treat in our Mega Dog Pet Bundle is made from 100% natural ingredients, carefully dehydrated, and crafted from a single ingredient raised without antibiotics. Spoil your pets with Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Mega Dog Pet Bundle and watch them wag and purr with delight at every wholesome bite!

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