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Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats

Elk Rolls (10)+Elk Rolls Bulk Refill Package (30)

Elk Rolls (10)+Elk Rolls Bulk Refill Package (30)

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Elk Rolls (10) Retail Package +

Elk Rolls ECO- Refill Package (30)

This Refillable Combo-Pack comes with our resealable bag (to be reused) containing 10 ElkRolls + a refill package that has another 30 Elk Rolls and it ships for FREE!

Same great product just less packaging.  Eco-Friendly, sustainable, and cost effective.

Great for multi-pet families, large dogs, dog trainers, the environment etc...

Elk Rolls: A fantastic alternative for pets with food allergies or dietary restrictions

Made from 100% Canadian Elk meat! These Single Ingredient Elk Rolls are a premium quality treat that is not only tasty but also packed with essential nutrients.

Elk meat is packed with vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. It is also a good source of healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids and it is an excellent choice for pets of all ages and sizes.

Elk Rolls are a great option for pets that need to watch their weight. These treats can also help improve skin and coat health.

Manufactured and Packaged in our Alderville First Nation facility.

Feeding instructions: Feed to your pet several times a day as a healthy snack or as a meal substitute.

Storage: Store in the freezer for maximum freshness.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture: 8%
Fibre: 3%
Fat: 9%
Protein: 50% 

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