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Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats

Bison Rolls (10) + Bison Rolls Eco Refill Package (30)

Bison Rolls (10) + Bison Rolls Eco Refill Package (30)

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Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Bison Rolls Combo-Pack, the ultimate solution for pet owners who value convenience, sustainability, and quality! This eco-friendly combo features both a retail package and an eco-refill package, ensuring you have an ample supply of our beloved Bison Rolls while minimizing packaging waste.

  • Convenient Combo-Pack: Includes a resealable bag with 10 Bison Rolls for immediate use and an eco-refill package containing an additional 30 Bison Rolls. It's the perfect solution for multi-pet families, large dogs, dog trainers, and environmentally conscious individuals.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: With less packaging and a focus on eco-friendly practices, this combo-pack is both environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, allowing you to pamper your pets guilt-free.

  • Healthy and Delicious: Made from 100% Canadian Bison meat, these treats are all-natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Bison meat is lean, low in fat and cholesterol, and packed with essential nutrients vital for your pet's wellbeing.

  • Ethically Manufactured: Produced and packaged in our Alderville First Nation facility, each Bison Roll is crafted with care and respect for both pets and the environment.

  • Feeding Instructions: Feed to your pet several times a day as a healthy snack or as a meal substitute, providing them with a nutritious and delicious treat they'll love.

  • Storage: Store in the freezer for maximum freshness, ensuring every bite is as tasty and satisfying as the first.

  • Guaranteed Analysis: Moisture: 8%, Fibre: 3%, Fat: 9%, Protein: 50%.

Treat your furry friends to Shades of Gray Indigenous Pet Treats Bison Rolls Combo-Pack and enjoy the perfect blend of convenience, sustainability, and flavour! Plus, enjoy FREE shipping on your order.

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