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Sample Pack of Pet Treats

(7 customer reviews)


Enjoy a complimentary sample pack of Shades of Gray Pet Treats, just cover the shipping. Please specify for a cat or dog when ordering so we can tailor correctly.

Take a look at our all-natural indigenous Canadian products.

Your dog or cat will love our pet treats and they give them the vitamins and nutrients that are essential for a healthy diet.

Our meat is 100% natural, dehydrated, and made from a single ingredient that is raised without antibiotics.


7 reviews for Sample Pack of Pet Treats

  1. Tina Paul

    Sweet ty !

  2. Shawna Warshany (verified owner)

    While my dog absolutely loves the treats the sample pack was not as pictured. I recieved a small piece of a beaver and rabbit roll a small piece of the indigenous strips. 3g of freeze dried rabbit a rabbit foot and a paw shaped rabbit cookie. Not worth 15.00 in my opinion.

    • rory

      Hi Shawna.
      We are glad to hear your dog liked the treats.
      Apologies for that we were waiting on sample bag images and have swapped them out to more accurately reflect the content of the sample bag. The 15$ cost is just the shipping costs and sadly we cannot do anything about that cost as we are at the mercy of Canada Postal Service/ Courier Services. We are working to try to bring these costs down. I will be emailing you shortly with the coupon code for your next order to make up for the experience due to our lack of correct imagery.
      Shades Of Gray Marketing Manager

  3. Stephanie (verified owner)

    What an amazing assortment! These were so fun for me, my dogs invariably loved everything I gave them!

  4. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Great way to test the waters, especially with my kitten! I purchased a sample bag to see what she’d like. The staff were very attentive when I was asking questions on Facebook. You can make a note when checking out to indicate details about your pet and they are very good about tailoring the sample kit. My kitten is a bit tiny but she loves everything she’s tried so far. Will definitely be ordering full packets in the future. Quality products even in a sample pack and the less obvious items come with a descriptor.

    Thank you!

  5. Jacquetta G (verified owner)

    This sample bag was great, we got it to try out the rabbit ears with a bigger order. Our dog enjoyed all the different treats, once he’s finished all the rolls up we’ll be getting a subscription for him.

  6. Debbie Leaman

    Can’t wait for my dogs and cats to try the sample bag

  7. Michele (verified owner)

    our dogs and cats go nuts over your treats!! I swear they can smell them before they get delivered!!

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