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Freeze Dried Rabbit Snacks

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100% Freeze Dried Rabbit directly from our indigenous farm. Feed to your pet several times a day as a healthy snack or a meal substitute.

Freeze Dried Rabbit Snacks


Freeze Dried Rabbit Pet Treats

Our Freeze Dried Rabbit Snacks are made from all natural, organic ingredients to give your pet the high quality treats they deserve. Organic Rabbit ears are certain to be a firm favorite with your furry friends, with added cartilage and fibre to give your pets a nutritional boost. Our formulation is great for pets with allergies or digestive concerns. Freeze Dried Rabbit Snacks from Canada.

Organic treats that your pet will fall in love with! Specially formulated to ensure an optimally nutritious treat for your pets.  All of our Rabbit products are great for pets with allergies or digestive concerns.

Your pet is guaranteed to love the texture of this organically, locally sourced treat. Natural and unprocessed meat-based diets have so many benefits for our precious pets such as shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth and higher energy levels. These benefits are not limited to our pooches and felines, it too helps various exotic creatures such as pet ferrets, foxes and prairie dogs.

Rabbit meat is lean making it a superb choice of protein for carnivorous or omnivorous pets. It’s significantly leaner and higher in protein compared to other meats, making it ideal for pet owners looking to diet their pets or just looking for a healthy alternative to high sugar or processed fats found in many other pet treats.

The diet and lifestyle of rabbits, even those that are free range farmed, contribute to their low body fat levels. Unlike cows or pigs, which are slow-moving and sedentary, rabbits are fast and mobile.

Being animal lovers ourselves, we want to be accountable for ensuring we are treating all animals with the dignity they deserve. That’s why our rabbits are treated with love throughout their lives, raised in a barn with enrichment toys, high quality natural feed, natural lighting, fresh air and healthy diets.

Maintaining the health of our rabbits is very important to us, which is why we have a team of veterinary and rabbit specialists who have put together a farming plan that allows the rabbits to be as healthy and happy as possible.  Our rabbits have medical check ups regularly to ensure they’re healthy and to maintain the quality of our pet treats, ensuring your pet is getting the best product possible.

Alongside a growing body of veterinarians, pet owners and researchers, we believe that the practice of feeding cooked and processed food to our pets has contributed to a dramatic decline in the quality of pet food available.

We have tapped into natures bounty, knowing that an all natural-organic treat would provide the best nutritional values to our pets. Our goal is to spread awareness of the health benefits of 100% meat treats, allowing our beloved pets to live longer, healthier lives.

Our pet treats have no added fat or sugar, to ensure an optimal treat for your pet. They are antibiotic and grain free, as well as gluten free and all-natural. The slow drying process ensure that nothing is added to expedite the dehydration.

Our treats do not contain any fillers, so you can rest easy knowing they contain exactly what it says on the packet, and nothing else. Similarly, there are no by-products, artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. These are organic, all natural treats designed with your fur babies in mind.

Treat your pet with an all natural, organic snack that’s designed with them in mind.

Our Rabbit Pet Treats

  • No added fat or sugar
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Natural and slow dried
  • No Fillers
  • No by-products
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Preservatives
  • No Flavours
Weight 25 g

13 reviews for Freeze Dried Rabbit Snacks

  1. Valorie Hill

    My six-month-old kittens love these. The dogs do too, but it is especially nice to find a natural, one-ingredient treat the cats like.

  2. Kathryn Andrew (verified owner)

    My dog had surgery and has to take multi pain pills … I use dehydrated rabbit pieces, reconstituted in water to wrap the pills. Works like a charm, he lives the rabbit❤

  3. Inseo Hwang (verified owner)

    Need bigger bag for this treat, #1 favorite for my cat

  4. Annie Landry (verified owner)

    My cats love these the best out of all the treats! I love that they are natural, healthy and from a sustainable resource.

  5. Laura Lancaster

    My cat won’t eat any treats, doesn’t matter what. As a last resort we tried the freeze dried rabbit and my boy went crazy. He would have eaten the whole bag if he could have. Great product, thanks so much.

  6. Cailin Leo (verified owner)

    Our kitty Luna goes absolutely crazy for these treats. They are by far her favourite treat she has ever had and will climb all over us just to get her favourite snack. We are so happy to be about to support a local indigenous company who has such an amazing product. We have also bought other treats to give to our friends dogs (one who has a lot of allergies) who absolutely love them as well.

  7. Tina Love (verified owner)

    My two cats absolutely love these treats! I never thought one of them would like them this much as he can be a bit fussy with freeze-dried snacks. My cats are constantly begging for them that I need to bulk order! I’m very grateful for these high quality, natural, locally sourced and healthy food for cats. Miigwech!

  8. Rowan Adderley-Day (verified owner)

    My cat never really used to be into treats until I started giving him these.. now he literally sits in front of the cupboard and yells at me until I give him a piece of rabbit lol! Best treats ever and super healthy!!

  9. JenniferAnne

    My dog has always loved -all- the treats but my cat has decided that the dehydrated rabbit is her favourite! She turns her nose up at all things but this is a always a win.

  10. Kimberly Cannon

    My Great Pyrenes and rescue dog both thought Christmas came early when I gave them some Freeze Dried Rabbit treats. I love that they are natural and hypoallergenic.

  11. scott benesii (verified owner)

    My cat, Lemon Furrpants goes a bit crazy for these. He loves dried chicken but is loopy for dried waboose. The jerky waboose is too hard for him to eat but the texture and taste of these hits all the spots. Please sell in larger sized bags!

  12. Laurence (verified owner)

    These are my cat’s favourite!! Love the texture and the quality of the meat 🧡 will order again!!

  13. Eleanor Holbrook (verified owner)

    Our dog’s go crazy for all your treats and they love the rabbit treats.

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Frequently Asked

Maintaining our rabbit’s health is very important, so we have a team consisting of our local Vet, Guelph University Rabbit Specialist that has been instrumental in creating a farming plan and barn environment that works. We pride our farm on loving all our animals, our rabbits are raised in a happy barn with lots of enrichment toys, high quality natural feed, natural lighting, fresh air and natural ventilation.

Indigenous Pet Treats work hard to keep a healthy, clean, stress free environment along with regular health check-ups for all the rabbits that are raise as this contributes to the great taste and quality of our meat products.

Yes, our farm provides environmental enrichment and is
environmentally friendly and efficient farming processes.

Our beautiful Canadian forests provide a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits for individual Canadian in which they live to enjoy healthy lifestyles not only for themselves but for their pets too.

Our forests provide everything we need from her, from the vegetation to the meat that is so healthy and beneficial that it’s a must that we share these natural benefits to our pets too!

People often don’t know if they want to try rabbit, or what to do with it if they did. Rabbit meat is very similar in taste and texture to chicken and can be cooked in all the same ways. Rabbit is actually the healthier choice, with less calories and fat per serving than chicken, and more protein. Swap out the chicken in some of your favourite recipes for rabbit meat, or try some of the ones below and see what you think!

From Home Cooking to Fine Dining, and Even Dessert…..

Smoke it, BBQ, Roasted, Slow Cooker. You have so many options for preparing Rabbit. The key is to cook lean meat slow and on low. Pair it with a nice wine for dinner, the options are endless.

Yes, all of our products are federally inspected.

No. We pride ourselves in our gluten, antibiotic and preservative free snacks for your pets made of the single ingredients of various free ranged animals such as rabbit, beaver and bison.

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