Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Natural Pet Diets

Enriched with Canadian Goodness

A high-quality diet complimented with Shades of Gray Pet Treats is key to helping your dog, cat or exotic pet to live longer and healthier, but there’s no set formula for how often you feed your you furry companion or what you put in his bowl. 

Along with a growing body of vets, breeders, and every day dog and cat owners, and a wealth of scientific evidence, believe that it is the practice of feeding cooked and processed pet foods, especially meat products, that has resulted in the dramatic decline in health of modern dogs and cats as it contains too many preservatives, gluten grain and glycerine.

While they have struggled for years to perfect nature’s recipe for a healthy diet for our pets, it has been in front of us the entire time! Natural and unprocessed meat-based diets have so many benefits for our precious pets such as shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth and higher energy levels. These benefits are not limited to our pooches and felines, it too helps various exotic creatures such as pet ferrets, foxes and prairie dogs.

Food for Exotic Pets

They need snacks too

Exotic carnivorous pets have meat-based diets therefore our treats are just the perfect snack to make their days more enjoyable with these all-natural treats that are packed with flavour, so why not give them a treat from time to time?

A Treat on the Wild Side

Indigenous Pet treats offers a wide range of delicacies made of a single ingredient of raw and dehydrated free range rabbit and exotic meats which your pet will instantly fall in love with. Organic Canadian goodness, for the pet owner who cares.

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