Organic Pet Treats

The way nature intended

Organic Pet Treats

The way nature intended

Shades of Gray Pet Treats
Processed Pellets

We provide all natural pet treats that enhance your pet’s health. Our treats help with your pet’s dental hygiene, for their coats to shine brighter, they are less likely to have problems with allergies while staying much more hydrated and energetic!

  • Contains minimum basic nutrients
  • Cleans pet teeth while chewing
  • Goes rancid as soon as you open
  • Easy to digest for sensitive stomaches
  • Fights depression and anxiety, improves energy
  • Excellent source of protein and iron
  • Boosts immune system and reduces heart disease

Natural Canadian Treats

What makes our treats healthier

We pride ourselves in our gluten, antibiotic and preservative free snacks for your pets made of the single ingredients of various free ranged animals such as rabbit, beaver and bison, a delicacy that is not only good for us but for our pets’ too.

The health properties of these meats is that beaver is an excellent source of protein, as well as its liver, which is a great source of vitamin A and iron, while bison meat contains an abundance of minerals that your pet would need in a day with loads of proteins and much less fat. Rabbit is easier to digest and has a lower percentage of fat than other meats!

The Shades of Gray Advantage

Canadian Pet Food

Why many pet owners are making the change

Many pets, especially pure breds, tend to develop problems after eating exclusively artificial food, such as kibble. After hearing many customer stories about how their pet’s issues have disappeared, we are entirely confident that natural pet food is a leader in solving pet health issues.

Organic Snacking

Indigenous pet food

Our beautiful Canadian forests provide a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits for individual Canadian in which they live to enjoy healthy lifestyles not only for themselves but for their pets too.

Our forests provide everything we need from her, from the vegetation to the meat that is so healthy and beneficial that it’s a must that we share these natural benefits to our pets too!

A Treat on the Wild Side

Indigenous Pet treats offers a wide range of delicacies made of a single ingredient of raw and dehydrated free range rabbit and exotic meats which your pet will instantly fall in love with.

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