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About our Business

Shades of Gray

About our Business

Our Story

Organic Canadian Goodness

Shades of Gray is a family started, Canadian owned business that was inspired because of the food allergies that plague our daughters and a need for healthy dietary. This need led us to the discovery of the health benefits that rabbit meat gives, not only to humans but for our pets too and this led to us to raising rabbits.

Growing up on a farm with parents owning a butcher shop; it was a natural decision for the farm to start selling Federally inspected rabbits to local butcher shops, grocery stores and restaurants, thus the business grew so did our products.

Our Purpose

Happy Pets and Pet Owners

While veterinarians and scientists try to perfect the perfect recipe for our pet’s diet, we already found it and its been right in front of us the entire time and it’s provided to us by nature herself.

The answer is all natural, non-processed meat and Shades of Gray simply could not keep this secret but wish to spread this knowledge and enrich the lives of many pooches, felines and exotic critters.

Therefore, our goal is to spread more awareness of the health benefits of raw and dehydrated pet food products made of 100% meat, providing so many nutritional health benefits for our pets, giving them a healthy longer life as nature intended it to be.

Farming Ethics

Agriculture That Cares

Maintaining our rabbit’s health is very important, so we have a team consisting of our local Vet, Guelph University Rabbit Specialist that has been instrumental in creating a farming plan and barn environment that works. We pride our farm on loving all our animals, our rabbits are raised in a happy barn with lots of enrichment toys, high quality natural feed, natural lighting, fresh air and natural ventilation.

Indigenous Pet Treats work hard to keep a healthy, clean, stress free environment along with regular health check-ups for all the rabbits that are raise as this contributes to the great taste and quality of our meat products.


Our Heritage

Certified Aboriginal Business

Shades of Gray is a 100% owned and operated Indigenous Algonquin of Pikwakanagan First Nation Business, certified by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. In recognising and honoring our heritage, we endeavour to always be a part of and learn from our families communities.

We are committed to participating in and furthering our heritage, and that is why we are passionate about supporting our communities, youth and education to foster employment opportunities which can sustain and empower our people to be all that they can be. We strive to use the knowledge we have been given to spread awareness towards caring for our land for future use. We are proud to encourage farming and eco friendly sustainable practices.

Raw Meat Orders

Along with our Indigenous Pet Treats, Shades of Gray also provides raw meat on request. Please contact us directly to find out more information, or place a custom order for your pets.

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